Hogwarts Castle Secrets: is it real? where it is located?

In the world of castles, there is none as magical, and mesmerizing as Hogwarts castle. Its wonders are many; do we mention the high turrets with windows from which characters of the Harry Potter series eavesdropped; or do we analyze the vastness of its courtyards and fields where they played Quidditch? Perhaps the deep underground … Read more

When Was The Last Castle Built in The World?

The last castle build in England

When travelling countries like Germany, England, France seem like people have never stopped building castles, you might ask yourself when our ancestors constructed the last castle? The last medieval-look castle built is Castle Drogo located 15 miles from Exeter, Devon, England. Julius Drewe erected Drogo between 1911 and 1930 the least castle completed in England … Read more

Best Castles to Spend Christmas in England

Christmas at the castle in England

What better way can you think of spending Christmas in the U.K. than at a castle? At Castle Tourist, we are experts in U.K. castles and have a perfect list for the festive season.  Christmas is an occasion to make beautiful memories and stories passed on to generations to come within your family. An alternative … Read more

22 England’s Best Castles To Visit [Castle Guide]

Best Castle sin England to visit

For many people the word ”England” it’s always been associated with medieval castles, palaces, knights and queens. Thanks to the filming industry, English Castles are advertised on a big scale. It is indeed the land of castles which are spread across the country from sea to sea, and many of them are still standing mightily … Read more