Beefeaters Uniform – 9 Things To Look Out For

Beefeaters are one of the Tower of London’s most iconic images. They are the colorfully attired Yeoman Warders who have guarded the Tower since Tudor times. Although the role is largely ceremonial today, their distinctive uniforms remain instantly recognizable. Nine things to look out for with a Beefeater’s uniform are: Beefeaters enhance the experience of … Read more

How Many Castles in Northumberland? +Top 8 To Visit

The wonderfully diverse landscapes of Northumberland provide a feeling of unspoiled natural beauty. However, this historic old English county’s location has placed it front and center of conflict down the centuries. The result is a paradise for castle lovers, but just how many castles does Northumberland have? There are over 70 castles dotted around Northumberland … Read more

Buckingham Palace: All what you need to know before visiting it!

Buckingham Palace

More than 50, 000 people visit Buckingham Palace every year. The Palace is not only the center of the UK royalty, it is also an amazing edifice with cultural implications and historical relevance. An attack on the palace, for example, would equate to an issue of threat against national security. Little wonder why people rack … Read more

Hogwarts Castle Secrets: is it real? where it is located?

In the world of castles, there is none as magical, and mesmerizing as Hogwarts castle. Its wonders are many; do we mention the high turrets with windows from which characters of the Harry Potter series eavesdropped; or do we analyze the vastness of its courtyards and fields where they played Quidditch? Perhaps the deep underground … Read more

How Much did it Cost to Build a Castle in the Middle Ages?

Castle Building in process and price for building it

Castle-building has been a costly affair in any period of human history. Have you wondered how much it was to build one in medieval times? Building a castle in the Middle Ages could cost anywhere between £1000 and £30 000 equivalent to the modern $4 000 000 to $120 000 000. The castle construction expenses … Read more

What Castles Did William The Conqueror Build?

Why Were Castles Built on Hills?

As soon as William invaded England in 1066, he started to build castles at an unprecedented scale. But what castles did William the Conqueror build during his campaign? William, the Conqueror during the Norman invasion, built the following castles: Pevensey, Dover, Tower of London, Windsor, Warwick, Chepstow, Old Sarum, Durham, York, Norwich, Colchester, Warwick, Lincoln, … Read more

When Was The Last Castle Built in The World?

The last castle build in England

When travelling countries like Germany, England, France seem like people have never stopped building castles, you might ask yourself when our ancestors constructed the last castle? The last medieval-look castle built is Castle Drogo located 15 miles from Exeter, Devon, England. Julius Drewe erected Drogo between 1911 and 1930 the least castle completed in England … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Palace and a Castle?

You frequently see the word castle and a palace attributed to the same building, but is there a difference between a palace and a castle? The short answer is that the castle is a fortified military building designed to resist an army’s attack providing shelter for its owners, unlike a palace that doesn’t have any … Read more