What Castles and Estate Homes Are Used in The Crown Season 4?

Balmoral Castle

Are you getting excited by the magnificent buildings in the background in the popular Netflix series “The Crown” season 4? You are probably wondering what castles and palaces Netflix used? The table below shows you exactly which buildings replicated the original ones in the Netflix Saga. Castle or Manor House in “The Crown” Season 4 … Read more

22 England’s Best Castles To Visit [Castle Guide]

Best Castle sin England to visit

For many people the word ”England” it’s always been associated with medieval castles, palaces, knights and queens. Thanks to the filming industry, English Castles are advertised on a big scale. It is indeed the land of castles which are spread across the country from sea to sea, and many of them are still standing mightily … Read more

What is the Oldest Castle in England?

When we dive into the history of England there is always a castle and every story, but have you ever wondered what the oldest castle in England is? The oldest castle in England is Berkhamsted Castle built in 1066 by Robert of Mortain, the half-brother of William the Conqueror. An early Norman Motte-Bailey Castle built … Read more