Do Castles Have Foundations?

Do Castles have foundations?

Let’s talk about castle foundations. Isn’t it incredible how these heavy buildings haven’t sunk into the ground after almost thousands of years? The next question that comes to mind is what kind of foundations are hidden beneath a castle, or do the castles actually have foundations?  Yes, castles have foundations. Most of the Castles have … Read more

What Is The Smallest Castle In The World?

The smallest castle in the world

The smallest castle in the world is much smaller than the average person believes and located in an unusual part of the U.K. It’s intriguing!  The smallest castle in the world is called Molly’s Castle. The locals are also calling it “Molly’s lodge”. This castle is only 800 square feet of interior space smaller than … Read more

What is the Tallest Castle in the World?

Prague-Castle the tallest castle in the world

There is nothing as exhilarating as visiting the most intriguing structures of the world. Castles are one of such, and whilst many are average, some castles measure up to thousand feet in height. So imagine a castle as tall as a skyscraper! The tallest castle in the world is the Prague Castle which dates back … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Portcullises?

Castles Portcullises

Remember the metallic gate with sharp pointed edges at Castle Black of Game of Thrones? They are called Portcullises, and it appears that they do not only have theatrical importance; most castles of medieval times had Portcullises. So the question is this: why do Castles have portcullises, and what is the history behind them?  Portcullises … Read more

Do Castles Have Roofs?

There are no ancient or famous structures more relevant and toured than castles; They are old yet revered in recent times. The patterns and materials used in building them also differ. So, you may have questions such as – Do Castles have roofs? What did castles contain? Were castles water-resistant? Etc. Yes, castles have roofs. … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Moats?

Why castle have moats

The word ‘moat’ originated from its French version ‘motte’, meaning a mound or hillock. In contemporary times a moat is regarded as a deep, broad ditch that is dug around castles. There are so many intriguing facts surrounding castles, one of which is moats, raising questions: Why on earth did castles have moats? Castles have … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Turrets?

Castle Turrets

Castle turrets are conspicuous beauty features for castles such that they are almost impossible to miss! But whose idea was it to attach a tiny tower to the top of a building? Is it just aesthetics, or is there an exciting history behind turrets? In the medieval era, castle turrets served as security towers from … Read more

Can Castles Burn Down?

Can Castles Burn Down?

Despite their mighty and impregnable look, you might ask yourself, could fire wreck a castle back then? Yes, in the castles where builders involved supporting elements like wood or other flammable materials, fire will most likely collapse the whole stronghold to the ground. However, a few castles mainly made of stone could resist severe burning, … Read more

Do Castles Have Electricity?

Electricity in a Castle

Being built in the Middle Ages, you might wonder if the castles still standing have electricity? The majority of castle’s today that are restored and open to the public also have a modern electricity supply throughout the building. Exceptions are some abandoned castles with no electricity or a basic wiring system for decorative illumination purposes. … Read more