Are the Castles in The Witcher Series Real?

Are the castles in The Witcher Series real?

The well-known Netflix series “The Witcher“ acquired a massive audience for its fascinating story, graphics, scenery and background fortresses used. Have you wondered if the castles in The Witcher are real? Most of the castles used in filming “The Witcher” series are real-life castles like; Ogrodzieniec Castle in Poland, Kruzenstein Castle in Austria, Vajdahunyad Castle and Tata Castle in … Read more

Are the Castles in Game of Thrones Real?

One of thecastles from game of thrones in real location

Game of Thrones has taken over the world in many languages and countries. But, are the castles in Game of Thrones real? Yes, most of the castles in Game of Thrones are real. Some of them were partially completed or added with CGI graphics for a more dramatic impact. There are 13 real castles around … Read more

Are The Castles In Harry Potter Real?

Going through all Harry Potter films, there are impressive scenery, graphics and old magical style buildings. But can you find them in the real world? The castles in Harry Potter are varied and imaginative. One of the movie’s high points is the usage of real locations as opposed to a green screen. This is especially … Read more