The Disney castle in Germany is almost unforgettable in today’s world. The childhood of almost every person born from the 90s downwards is incomplete without at least one story involving the Castle. The Cinderella story, Rapunzel and the long hair, sleeping beauty, beauty, and the beast, etc., all featured the Disney castle in one form … Read more

Buckingham Palace: All what you need to know before visiting it!

Buckingham Palace

More than 50, 000 people visit Buckingham Palace every year. The Palace is not only the center of the UK royalty, it is also an amazing edifice with cultural implications and historical relevance. An attack on the palace, for example, would equate to an issue of threat against national security. Little wonder why people rack … Read more

Neuschwanstein Castle and its beautiful story

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein castle has as much awesomeness as its history. On one part we see a medieval-style castle with neo-Gothic inspiration and Romanesque designs. But when you discover that it is the object of a person’s fantasies the whole story becomes more interesting. The foundation for the Neuschwanstein castle was laid by King Louis II … Read more

Hogwarts Castle Secrets: is it real? where it is located?

In the world of castles, there is none as magical, and mesmerizing as Hogwarts castle. Its wonders are many; do we mention the high turrets with windows from which characters of the Harry Potter series eavesdropped; or do we analyze the vastness of its courtyards and fields where they played Quidditch? Perhaps the deep underground … Read more

When was the first castle built?

Today, castles are emblems of power, prestige, and history. They remind us of an era when peace was won by war, and a time when royalty depended on the ability to conquer more lands. In more contemporary times, diplomacy is elevated beyond the ability to conquer but in earlier times, powerful men took what they … Read more

Do Castles Have Foundations?

Do Castles have foundations?

Let’s talk about castle foundations. Isn’t it incredible how these heavy buildings haven’t sunk into the ground after almost thousands of years? The next question that comes to mind is what kind of foundations are hidden beneath a castle, or do the castles actually have foundations?  Yes, castles have foundations. Most of the Castles have … Read more

What Is The Smallest Castle In The World?

The smallest castle in the world

The smallest castle in the world is much smaller than the average person believes and located in an unusual part of the U.K. It’s intriguing!  The smallest castle in the world is called Molly’s Castle. The locals are also calling it “Molly’s lodge”. This castle is only 800 square feet of interior space smaller than … Read more

What is the Tallest Castle in the World?

Prague-Castle the tallest castle in the world

There is nothing as exhilarating as visiting the most intriguing structures of the world. Castles are one of such, and whilst many are average, some castles measure up to thousand feet in height. So imagine a castle as tall as a skyscraper! The tallest castle in the world is the Prague Castle which dates back … Read more

What is the strongest castle in the world?

The Strongest Castle in the world is the Edinburgh castle of Scotland

Who wouldn’t like to visit the most impenetrable castle in the world? The place where splendour and safety combine? Behind those strong walls, you can smell the history, security, and visible effects of multiple year-long sieges. The Strongest Castle in the world is the Edinburgh castle of Scotland. The Edinburgh Castle has a rich history … Read more