How Tall Are Castle Walls? Solved!

The primary function of a castle wall is protection. Not only must castle walls be sturdy enough to repel projectiles, but they must also be tall enough to make scaling them a difficult objective. Any visitor to a castle will tell you how imposing the looming walls feel as you stand at their base. Therefore, … Read more

Which Castle is the Disney Castle Modeled After?

castle tourist and disney castle Neuschwanstein castle

We all love and know that icon of icons, the Disney castle! It triggers memories of fantasy worlds and happy times. Is the castle just the stuff of imagination, or is there a real Disney castle on which Disney modeled his design? Well, the answer is yes, there is a real castle behind the Disney … Read more

Are The Castles In Harry Potter Real?

Going through all Harry Potter films, there are impressive scenery, graphics and old magical style buildings. But can you find them in the real world? The castles in Harry Potter are varied and imaginative. One of the movie‚Äôs high points is the usage of real locations as opposed to a green screen. This is especially … Read more