About Castle Tourist

Our Story

Castletourist.com came to light in June 2020 created by a family of castle lovers; our daughters Mira and Delia, my wife Daniela and myself (Mihail Ghelbur).

The idea dates back to 2004 when I fell in love with castles for the first time when watching the Van Helsing movie.

Realising in the following years how many castles are out there, we have promised to ourselves to visit all of them.

After visiting Soroca Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Bamburgh Castle, Tower of London, Belvoir, Conwy Castle and Bran Castle we noticed there isn’t a comprehensive resource for a castle lover to use when exploring the world of castles.

Ma picture of castle tourist when visiting Belvoir Castle in England
castle tourist family at Belvoir Castle

You have to spend hours researching every time you plan to visit one.

Here at Castle tourist, we strive to achieve an ultimate castle-related guide where you can quickly discover the history, travel information and answers to any questions you might have about these beautiful buildings.

Castle Tourist at Bran Castle, Brasov, Romania
My family and I at Bran Castle (Dracula Castle )

In our castle journey we will be documenting our experience here and our social media channels which might come in handy to you on your next trip.

Castle tourist and the friends having fun at Bamburgh Castle
My Friends Dan, Max, Vadim, Sergiu and I at Bamburgh Castle in 2015

We will also be reviewing books related to castle history starting with one of our favourite Castles by  Mark Morris.

Not to forget documentaries and movies where the castles are usually used as a background.

One of our favourite documentaries is the Secrets of Great British Castles on Netflix and many others that are definitely worth watching.

Thanks for stopping by, it means a world to us, stay tuned, and let’s discover the castle world together.

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