Buckingham Palace: All what you need to know before visiting it!

Buckingham Palace

More than 50, 000 people visit Buckingham Palace every year. The Palace is not only the center of the UK royalty, it is also an amazing edifice with cultural implications and historical relevance. An attack on the palace, for example, would equate to an issue of threat against national security. Little wonder why people rack … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Palace and a Castle?

You frequently see the word castle and a palace attributed to the same building, but is there a difference between a palace and a castle? The short answer is that the castle is a fortified military building designed to resist an army’s attack providing shelter for its owners, unlike a palace that doesn’t have any … Read more

What Is The Most Expensive Palace in The World?

Forbidden City, The most expensive palace in the world

Building luxurious palaces allowed the Kings, Nobles and business people to show their power and wealth. Have you wondered what’s the most expensive Palace nowadays? The most expensive Palace is Forbidden City Complex in Beijing, China. The estimated market value of the Forbidden City along with the land and its entire contents is more than … Read more

What Is The Biggest Palace In The World?

WHat is the biggest palace in the world?

There so many massive palaces all over Europe you wanted to visit, and also wondered what is the biggest one? If we were to go based on size, the largest palace in the world based on volume and floor space would be the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. On the other hand, if we … Read more