11 Features of a Stone Keep Castle

The stone keep castle is the image most of us will have of what a medieval castle should look like. A product of Norman design, they were built to withstand attack while radiating power and prestige. Although the size and shape could vary, there are common features you would expect to find within a stone … Read more

9 Famous People To Be Executed At The Tower of London

The thought of the Tower of London can still send shivers down the spine to this day. Originally built as an imposing fortress, the Tower became a prison for many famous historical names across the centuries. For some, it was their final port of call, doomed to execution on Tower Green, or just beyond the … Read more

Did Henry VIII Have A Son? Revealed!

King Henry VIII is probably one of the most well-known Kings of England, famous for having six wives and establishing the Church of England. But England’s most married monarch was obsessed with producing a male heir to protect the Tudor dynasty, which is why he had such a turbulent love life! But did King Henry … Read more

Neuschwanstein Castle and its beautiful story

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein castle has as much awesomeness as its history. On one part we see a medieval-style castle with neo-Gothic inspiration and Romanesque designs. But when you discover that it is the object of a person’s fantasies the whole story becomes more interesting. The foundation for the Neuschwanstein castle was laid by King Louis II … Read more

When was the first castle built?

Today, castles are emblems of power, prestige, and history. They remind us of an era when peace was won by war, and a time when royalty depended on the ability to conquer more lands. In more contemporary times, diplomacy is elevated beyond the ability to conquer but in earlier times, powerful men took what they … Read more

What Is The Smallest Castle In The World?

The smallest castle in the world

The smallest castle in the world is much smaller than the average person believes and located in an unusual part of the U.K. It’s intriguing!  The smallest castle in the world is called Molly’s Castle. The locals are also calling it “Molly’s lodge”. This castle is only 800 square feet of interior space smaller than … Read more

Why Were Castles Built on Hills?

The hilltop castles are incredibly gorgeous, but why did the ancestors build these fortresses so high? Due to the high altitude, building castles on a hill offered a significant defence advantage during the sieges and easy control of the surrounding lands in peaceful times. Of course, there were some other reasons for constructing them as … Read more

What is Inside a Medieval Castle?

A usual question when someone arrives in front of a castle, what’s inside? Most frequently, an interior of a Medieval Castle contains a complex of rooms like; The Great Hall Gatehouses Bed Chambers Solars Bathrooms & Lavatories  Kitchens,  Pantries,  Larders  Butteries Chapels  Cabinets  Boudoirs Storerooms, Undercrofts & Cellars Ice Houses Dovecotes The Well Some of … Read more

How Much did it Cost to Build a Castle in the Middle Ages?

Castle Building in process and price for building it

Castle-building has been a costly affair in any period of human history. Have you wondered how much it was to build one in medieval times? Building a castle in the Middle Ages could cost anywhere between £1000 and £30 000 equivalent to the modern $4 000 000 to $120 000 000. The castle construction expenses … Read more