About Mihail Ghelbur

Hi, I am Mihail Ghelbur, born on 23 November 1989 in the Republic of Moldova, and I am a medieval history enthusiast and big castle discoverer.

Mihail Ghelbur at Bamburgh Castle
Me at Bamburgh Castle

Since childhood, I was captivated constantly but the old buildings and history behind their walls, especially by the medieval castles.

Firstly admiring them in the movies and visiting when we moved to the UK, I always wanted to find out why these fortresses were so crucial to people and why they still attract many visitors today?

So far, my family and I visited; 

  • Edinburgh Castle, Scotland 
  • Soroca Castle in Moldova, 
  • Tower of London, England 
  • Warwick Castle, England 
  • Bamburgh Castle, England 
  • Belvoir Castle, England 
  • Bran Castle Romania 

This list’s a tiny drop in a sea of castles we plan to visit and share with you.

Many things made sense for me after reading the book about English castles, “Castle: A History of the Buildings that Shaped Medieval Britain (2003)” by historian Mark Morris.

Following such a bright-minded researcher like Mark Morris helps me to understand the concept of building castles by our ancestors which guide and motivates me to come up with an accessible castle related resource like Castletourist.com.

My ultimate goal is to make castle exploring adventure fun and existing for any age and just in a few clicks.

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