Why Do Castles Have Drawbridges?

Castle Drawbridge

Usually, the drawbridges are what you step on before entering any castle, but why do so many forts have them? The Castles had to have a drawbridge when they were surrounded by a dip trench or a moat giving daily access to the fortress and worked as a crucial defence feature during a castle siege. … Read more

Why Were Castles Built on Hills?

The hilltop castles are incredibly gorgeous, but why did the ancestors build these fortresses so high? Due to the high altitude, building castles on a hill offered a significant defence advantage during the sieges and easy control of the surrounding lands in peaceful times. Of course, there were some other reasons for constructing them as … Read more

What is Inside a Medieval Castle?

A usual question when someone arrives in front of a castle, what’s inside? Most frequently, an interior of a Medieval Castle contains a complex of rooms like; The Great Hall Gatehouses Bed Chambers Solars Bathrooms & Lavatories  Kitchens,  Pantries,  Larders  Butteries Chapels  Cabinets  Boudoirs Storerooms, Undercrofts & Cellars Ice Houses Dovecotes The Well Some of … Read more