Why Do Castles Have Moats?

Why castle have moats

The word ‘moat’ originated from its French version ‘motte’, meaning a mound or hillock. In contemporary times a moat is regarded as a deep, broad ditch that is dug around castles. There are so many intriguing facts surrounding castles, one of which is moats, raising questions: Why on earth did castles have moats? Castles have … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Turrets?

Castle Turrets

Castle turrets are conspicuous beauty features for castles such that they are almost impossible to miss! But whose idea was it to attach a tiny tower to the top of a building? Is it just aesthetics, or is there an exciting history behind turrets? In the medieval era, castle turrets served as security towers from … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Drawbridges?

Castle Drawbridge

Usually, the drawbridges are what you step on before entering any castle, but why do so many forts have them? The Castles had to have a drawbridge when they were surrounded by a dip trench or a moat giving daily access to the fortress and worked as a crucial defence feature during a castle siege. … Read more