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What Is The Biggest Castle In Scotland?

Scotland has more to it than Haggis, bagpipes and highlands; in fact, there are lots of castles. But the biggest one is the most intriguing of them all.

The biggest castle in Scotland is Floors Castle situated in the South East of Scotland. It’s a grade-A listed building and stands opposite the banks of the River Tweed. Its remarkable exterior and interior have been featured in many films, such as Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan and Lord of the Apes. 

Foors Castle Scotland, the biggest castle sin Scotland
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Read on to know more about this beautiful structure. 

Floors Castle

In all of Scotland, Floors Castle is the largest inhabited one which is the home of the Innes-kes family.

 It’s in Kelso and open to the public seven days a week. Floors Castle was built in the 1720s for the Duke of Roxburghe. 

This castle has a range of rooms open to the public, such as billiards, ballroom, drawing, Ante-room, bird room, and dining room. 

You can even walk around its estate, which expands over 52,000 acres which houses some stunning landscapes such as the Tweedy Valley, Cheviots and Lammermuirs.

First-ever castle built in Scotland

The first-ever castle built in Scotland is Dunvegan. It’s so ancient it’s had people living there since 900 BC. 

Dunvegan is located in the stunning Isle of Skye and sits overlooking Loch Dunvegan. 

The castle itself is built on a rock with a summit of around 50 feet above sea level. Because it’s still an inhabited residence, fewer rooms are open to the public than in some other castles. 

Nevertheless, you can still witness lots of marvellous antiques, heirlooms and stunning surroundings. 

How Many castles are in Scotland

Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of castles in Scotland. On average, there are around 1500 that exist. 

Some aren’t all in one piece, though; this figure counts towards ruin, castles, and some renovated into homes and hotels. 

Is Edinburgh Castle bigger than Stirling castle?

Both Scottish castles are remarkable for their architecture, rooms and landscape that surrounds them. 

However, Edinburgh Castle is bigger than Stirling castle. Edinburgh Castle stands on a volcanic rock and is situated 443 feet above sea level. 

Similarly, it measures 95ft x 41ft. In contrast, Stirling Castle is 250 feet high and situated on top of a hill. It also has 12 acres of private grounds. 

Are there any abandoned castles in Scotland

If abandoned castles are your thing, you can visit the following:

New Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire

This abandoned castle was initially built in the 15 century and later rebuilt in the 18th century. 

At one point, this castle had three gorgeous gardens, but now all that stands is its ruins. New Slains Castle overlooks the North Sea, and the ruins are on top of a cliff.

Lennox Castle, Lennox town

Lennox Castle is an abandoned castle located in Glasgow, Scotland. This castle was built between 1837 and 1841. 

The castle was used as a psychiatric hospital, and in 2002 it finally closed. Patients in the hospital were transferred to other hospitals and were released back into the community.

Dunalastair house 

Dunalastair house was a castle that was built in 1852. It later started housing Polish refugees and then was abandoned. 

 In the 1960s, the castle’s roof was stolen, and then it started to decay due to the interiors being exposed. Today you can visit this abandoned castle in Perthshire, in the Scottish highlands. 

Scottish castles to stay in

When visiting Scotland, castles lovers are spoilt for choice in regards to overnight accommodation.

There are lots of castles that the current owners turned into bed and breakfasts and hotels. Some of the top ones are:

Glengorm Castle, Isle of Mull

Glengorm Castle was built in 1860 and is a category B listed building. The castle itself has now been converted into bed and breakfast and serviced apartments. 

Its architecture is Scottish Baronial and has stunning views of the Hebrides and Scottish islands such as Canna, Rum and 


Glenapp Castle, Ayrshire

If you’re looking for a lavish castle stay, then you might want to check out the luxury Glenapp Castle

This castle Scottish built in 1870 and today stands as a luxury hotel. 

This castle also has Scottish Baronial architecture, and those who wish to explore the castle and grounds can only do so if they have a booking at the hotel. 

Crossbasket Castle, Glasgow

Crossbasket Castle constructions began in the 15th century, and the building finished in the 17th century.

 It’s located in East Kilbride and has nine stunning en suite bedrooms which you can stay in. It also has gorgeous woodlands, lots of nature and waterfalls surrounding the castle.

Best Scottish castle to visit

Scotland is no short of castles, and you should not miss the opportunity to visit one either. Here are some of the best ones to see:

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s most popular tourist attractions. The castle was built in 1103 and sat on top of a volcano! 

The castle has played a crucial role in many Scottish wars, such as the Scottish Wars of Independence and the Jacobite Rising of 1745. It is also home to Scotland’s Crown Jewels. 

Doune Castle

Doune Castle was built during the 13th century and, by some records, suffered severe damage during the wars surrounding Scotland’s independence. 

It’s only a short drive from Stirling and sits on a wooded bend.

 Doune Castle has had many prominent figures visit it, such as Mary Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charlie. 

Not to mention its importance as a background in many TV shows such as Outlander, Game of Thrones and Outlaw King. 

Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan was first built in the 13th century and situated on the road to the Isle of Skye. 

Today many people flock to this castle for Instagram photos. The scots built the castle on bedrock, and its original purpose was to serve as a defensive structure. 

You will find Eilean Donan on a small island with stunning views of Loch Duich and Alsh.


Scotland is renowned for gorgeous castles, so much there’s around 1500 still standing. Not all of them are fully erect though some have are now hotels, homes, and some ruins. 

The oldest castle in Scotland is floors castle which you can visit in Kelso; it’s open seven days a week. There are some other remarkable castles too like Stirling Castle, Edinburgh, Doune and Eilean you can check out also. 

You can even stay overnight at places like Glenapp, Glengorm and Crossbasket. Whatever you do, though, make sure you visit a castle when in Scotland; it’s a must!

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