What Country Has The Most Beautiful Castles in the World?

Our ancestors built Stunning Castles all over the world, not just Europe. You might wonder which country has got the prettiest castles?

Germany has worldwide recognition for the country with the most beautiful castles. It acquired this title being the home of highly-rated castles like Hohenzollern, Eltz and Neuschwanstein that by the opinion of many travellers are hands down the most good-looking ones. 

Hohenzollern Castle
Image by Paul Henri Degrande from Pixabay

You can’t wait to arrive in front of these fairly-tale buildings with a camera and a knowledgeable guide?

You might find the information below helpful before visiting Burg Eltz, Neuschwanstein or Hohenzollern castle.

Burg Eltz the most photographed castle on Instagram.

Burg Eltz the most photographed castle on Instagram.
Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

If you are an Instagram user, you might have come across Eltz Caste’s pictures, which is on the travel schedule of any architectural photographer.

What is remarkable about Eltz castle is its exclusive fairytale look and how the surrounding woodland hides it from the rest of the world.

Any castle enthusiast who has experience with medieval architecture might take a while to realise Eltz’s divine embodiment when first arrived in front of it.

Eltz Castle Beginnings

The chroniclers affirm that Burg Eltz began as a simple manor with a wooden palisade in the 9th century.

Burg Eltz the most photographed castle on Instagram.
Image by analogicus from Pixabay

By the year 1157, it developed into a more important fortress in the Holy Roman Empire under Frederick Barbarossa.

The only challenging military affair the stronghold experienced was between 1331-1336.

Since then Eltz had loyal owners who looked well after the castle, upgrading it with new features.

Particular respect to Count Karl, who committed to Eltz Castle’s restoration in the 19th century.

Between 1845-1888 alone Karl invested 184,000 marks(equivalent to 15 million euros today)into the restoration works we can contemplate today.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Eltz Castle?

You can buy the tickets and guided tours at the castle; however, you could reserve them in advance for peace of mind if you are going to visit the castle on a busy weekend.

Guided tours start every 10-15 minutes and take about 35-40 minutes, translating in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

What hotels are near Eltz Castle?

As any popular destination in Germany, you have many hotels with good reviews near Eltz Castle.

1.Schloß-Hotel Petry 3.9km away

    Many visitors can’t imagine other accommodation when visiting Eltz castle and its surroundings.

The venue is close to the train station, 40 km away from Frankfurt-Hahn airport.

The hotel offers comfortable rooms, friendly staff, fantastic food and brand new 300 square meters of spa area at your disposal.

2.Hotell Lellmann 8 km away 

A family-run hotel is overlooking the River Moselle between Koblenz and Cochem.

The hotel features a spa area with an indoor pool, steam room and a sauna.

The visitors’ reviews are positive about every feature of the accommodation, why no to give a try!

3.Hotel Sewenig 2.4km away

Hotel Sewenig is a three-star accommodation on the River Moselle’s bank in Müden whit a riverside terrace and a mini-golf course.

“A la carte” food menu is what the visitors liked in particular about this hotel.

What restaurants are near Eltz Castle?

Landhaus Vor Burg EltZ

 Landhaus is A highly-rated local hotel restaurant just 2km away from the castle to where you can walk using their official traumpfad to get to it.


 A good stopover after a long hike of the local attraction, you can enjoy the scenery while delighting yourself with food and refreshments.

3.Loeffel’s Landhaus

Also not far from the castle, Loeffel Restaurant is famous among tourists for its enormous dishes and a good quality that won’t leave any gastronomist disappointed.

What attractions are near Eltz Castle?

Probably the top attraction not far from Eltz castle: surprise surprise! two more castles! 

Cochem Castle (29km away) and Thurant Castle (15km away) are two famous German castles you might consider in case time is not a problem.

Eltz castle on Google Map

Hohenzollern Castle the most beautiful castle in the world. 

When we asked castle-lovers on our social media page and different groups on Facebook, Hohenzollern Castle got the most votes for being the most beautiful castle in the world.

Image by Myri Roet from Pixabay

No wonder why! 

It looks like it emerged from a Disney or Harry Potter movie and landed in the real world.

Hohenzollern Castle History 

The first castle on the mountain appeared in the 11th century when the castle building trend started to pick up all over Europe.

The same castle saw its end in 1423 when the free imperial cities’ armies completely wiped it out.

The second, a stronger and bigger castle Hohenzollerns constructed between 1454 to 1461, which lost its strategic importance by the end of the 18th century and fell into disrepair.

Image by Paul Henri Degrande from Pixabay

The castle that we see today, King Frederick William IV built between 1846 and 1867 as a family memorial.

But no member of the Hohenzollern family lived in the castle when they finished it and none of the three German emperors.

Today 350.000 tourists a year visit the castle, which is still the Prussian royal family’s private property.

The castle is well worth seeing, with the first opportunity we encourage you to take a trip to Hohenzollern.

Why is Hohenzollern castle famous?

Hohenzollern has a rich history, but nowadays, it owns its popularity to the army of photographers and drone pilots. They manage to get stunning pictures from angles that no one has seen the castle before.

Can you tour Hohenzollern castle?

When publishing this article, the tours are not available due to pandemics, but you can check them anytime on their official website for any updates.

How do I get to Hohenzollern castle?

By car 

You can reach the castle from Stuttgart in one hour drive via A27 Highway, sat nav will get you straight to the castle’s parking lot.

By train 

From Stuttgart central station you can get a train to Hechingen station and then a bus to the castle’s car park.

Best hotels near Hohenzollern Castle 

Most hotels are in the town of Hechingen 10 mins drive from the castle, have a look through your favourite platform, which suits you better.

Neuschwanstein Castle, the Walt Disney’ inspiration.

Neuschwanstein Castle arguably deserves the title of the most nice-looking castle in the world in line with Eltz and Hohenzollern.

Neuschwanstein Castle, the Walt Disney’ inspiration.
Image by Lilen23 from Pixabay

There are many arguments among its admirers whether to call it a castle or a romantic palace.

Many people have a different understanding of what a castle is. 

There will be an article coming up in our blog section about castle definition. We won’t dive too deep on this topic here, as there is a bit to discuss.

The truth is that Neuschwanstein is a unique and fantastic edifice that influenced Walt Disney in designing the Disney World castles and the actual logo.

The construction of Neuschwanstein began in September 1869 on top of the ruins of an older medieval German castle.

Ludwig II intended to build an authentic royal palace of propositions never seeing before, where he could lavishly live and rule the kingdom.

Sadly Ludwig II never saw the castle completed, he slept only 11 nights in it and never intended to open it to the public.

Many people choose to visit Neuschwanstein Castle for its remarkable architecture and the Alps mountains background that dress in different colours each season.

What is the Neuschwanstein castle used for today?

Today Neuschwanstein Castle is an iconic landmark and major tourist destination where people can discover its exceptional architecture and history.

Why is Neuschwanstein castle so famous?

Neuschwanstein Castle is famous and receives 1.4 million visitors a year mostly thanks to Walt Disney and his magic empire.

He replicated the most beautiful aspects of Neuschwanstein in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Disney World Castles.

Who owns Neuschwanstein Castle?

The Bavarian Administration of State-Owned Palaces, Gardens and Lakes, also known as the Bavarian Palace Department owns the Neuschwanstein Castle today and 45 other historical monuments.

Can you tour Neuschwanstein Castle?

Being known worldwide there are tours available for Neuschwanstein on all travel websites like Tripadvisor,viator.comGetYourGuide, choose your favourite and deals they have.

Buy the way you can find more information if it’s worth visiting Neuschwanstein Castle in our quick guide.

Final Thoughts 

Of course, there are many more beautiful castles out there close to our hearts. However, Eltz, Hohenzollern and Neuschwanstein got the most credit from this perspective.

Thanks for stopping by and we wish you to stay safe and have many gorgeous castles in your travel itineraries.

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