The Disney castle in Germany is almost unforgettable in today’s world. The childhood of almost every person born from the 90s downwards is incomplete without at least one story involving the Castle. The Cinderella story, Rapunzel and the long hair, sleeping beauty, beauty, and the beast, etc., all featured the Disney castle in one form … Read more

Neuschwanstein Castle and its beautiful story

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein castle has as much awesomeness as its history. On one part we see a medieval-style castle with neo-Gothic inspiration and Romanesque designs. But when you discover that it is the object of a person’s fantasies the whole story becomes more interesting. The foundation for the Neuschwanstein castle was laid by King Louis II … Read more

What Country Has The Most Beautiful Castles in the World?

What Country Has The Most Beautiful Castles in the World

Our ancestors built Stunning Castles all over the world, not just Europe. You might wonder which country has got the prettiest castles? Germany has worldwide recognition for the country with the most beautiful castles. It acquired this title being the home of highly-rated castles like Hohenzollern, Eltz and Neuschwanstein that by the opinion of many … Read more

Is Neuschwanstein Castle Worth a Day of Your Life?

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein castle is all over social media, but is it worth giving it a day or even a weekend on your travel schedule? Neuschwanstein Castle is worth visiting for its unique architecture inside and out. It’s gorgeously highlighted in the nighttime, has stunning views of the mountains, and its history inspired Walt Disney. It’s genuinely … Read more

Which Castle is the Disney Castle Modeled After?

castle tourist and disney castle Neuschwanstein castle

We all love and know that icon of icons, the Disney castle! It triggers memories of fantasy worlds and happy times. Is the castle just the stuff of imagination, or is there a real Disney castle on which Disney modeled his design? Well, the answer is yes, there is a real castle behind the Disney … Read more