Neuschwanstein Castle and its beautiful story

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein castle has as much awesomeness as its history. On one part we see a medieval-style castle with neo-Gothic inspiration and Romanesque designs. But when you discover that it is the object of a person’s fantasies the whole story becomes more interesting. The foundation for the Neuschwanstein castle was laid by King Louis II … Read more

Why Were Medieval Castles Built?

Why medieval castles were built?,

You might notice a lot of castles when travelling through Europe, and probably asked yourself why the Medieval castles were built? The Medieval Castles were built in the Middle Ages as a home of the kings and nobles, to show power and wealth. Also, castles were a strategic place of retreat and defence against unwanted … Read more

Is The Hearst Castle Worth Seeing?

Is it worth visiting Hearst Castle

Probably you came across Hearst Castle on social networks or noticed it when you typed the word “castles” on a google map. But is it worth visiting? The Hearst Castle is worth a trip for its stunning architecture and interior design as well as the 360 views of the surrounding area from its location, especially … Read more

What is the Biggest Castle in the World?

Malbork Castle is the biggest castle in the world

We all think of castles as being grand in size and structure. Yet have you ever wondered which castle is the biggest in the world?  If measured by land area, the biggest castle in the world is Malbork Castle. This is a 13th-century Teutonic brick fortress located in the town of Malbork, north-central Poland. Today … Read more