Is Neuschwanstein Castle Worth a Day of Your Life?

Neuschwanstein castle is all over social media, but is it worth giving it a day or even a weekend on your travel schedule?

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is worth visiting for its unique architecture inside and out. It’s gorgeously highlighted in the nighttime, has stunning views of the mountains, and its history inspired Walt Disney. It’s genuinely a fairytale castle where you can spend a whole weekend.

When discussing Neuschwanstein Castle, there are a lot of pros and cons of it being worth it.

Some travellers before visiting this castle, wish they read the information provided here first!

Why should you visit Neuschwanstein Castle?

Neuschwanstein Castle, Best German Castles.
View of Neuschwanstein Castle and the mountains.
Neuschwanstein Castle

Each year 1.4 million visitors flock to this area and in peak summer times 6000 people a day visit! It’s a wanderlust destination, and here at Castle Tourist, we have a few reasons why ‘hungry’ travellers should head towards Neuschwanstein Castle.

Story behind 

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the 19th century on the ruins of an older medieval castle by King Ludwig II.

He built the castle as a residence for him and his family, in honour of his friend the composer Richard Wagner. 

Wagner never got to see the castle; his marvellous operas influenced a lot of the original interior of the castle. 

Ludwig used his own money to build the castle as well as borrowings instead of using Bavarian public funds.

Sadly Ludwig lived in his castle for only 172 days, and then he mysteriously died, the castle became open to the public six weeks later.

Ludwig only slept in the castle for 11 nights.


Neuschwanstein Castle

You’ll find many people hiking to the castle just to admire the exterior.

It is rising in the foothills of the breathtaking alpine mountains near to the Austrian border. 

Many people come for the vistas first and then the architecture.

We can assure you, just seeing the castle against its backdrop will provide enormous amounts of wanderlust.

The greatness of this building inspired Walt Disney for its worldwide known company logo and Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and also holds the title of one of the most beautiful castles in the world.

Unique Architecture 

Neuschwanstein Castl

Indeed it’s a “fairytale castle” built on top of the mountain. A fantastic site brought to life by Ludwig’s imagination.

 Controversially it was built as a status symbol instead of it being a protective structure. 

Its impressive brick, marble, and white limestone structure will command your attention.

During the construction, all the materials came from a local quarry. 

In its early days, King Ludwig hired hundreds of workers, making them work into the early hours of the morning using night lamps!

Throne Room

Neuschwanstein Castle's interior
Neuschwanstein Castle Throne Room

Neuschwanstein Castle’s throne room holds no throne inside of it. However, it is more like a church with its stunning interior. 

Inside the throne room, you’ll find gorgeous angels painted on its walls, a chandelier, and mosaic flooring.

 When inside, you definitely get the sense and feel grandness and elegance in its pure form. 

Singers Hall

Neuschwanstein Castle Singers Hall
Neuschwanstein Castle Singers Hall

As the name suggests, Singers Hall was the music room of the castle. In this room, you’ll find many murals representing The Holy Grail and a stage where singers would contest. 

The Singers Hall has such meticulous detail; there are names of the singers inscribed into the work.

 This room is located next to the throne room and is also a grand one at that.

The Grotto

Another magical feature of the castle is the grotto which is located inside of the castle. 

Alongside this, you can also visit Ludwig’s room and ten other rooms which are open to visitors.

Nearby Scenery

Queen Mary’s Bridge (Marienbrücke)

Queen Mary's Bridge at  Neuschwanstein Castle
Queen Mary’s Bridge (Marienbrücke)

To take in the full charm of Neuschwanstein Castle, you may want to hike to Queen Mary’s bridge. 

 However, if hiking is not your thing, you can also get a shuttle bus that stops near the bridge.

Bus costs around €2.50 for a single or around €3.00 for a return. 

The Gorge (Pöllatschlucht)

The Gorge (Pöllatschlucht) near Neuschwanstein Castle
The Gorge (Pöllatschlucht)

Speaking of fairytales, very close by to the castle there is a tranquil oasis known as the Pöllatschlucht Gorge waterfall.

Be impressed by its natural rock walls and its stunning vantage point. 

What people who visited Neuschwanstein didn’t like?

At Castle Tourist, we wouldn’t be transparent if we didn’t share what previous tourists didn’t like about the castle.

 While Neuschwanstein castle has many positives, some tourists complained about the following:

  • Long Waiting times– It’s been recorded as this destination is so popular, many tourists in peak season flock to this castle. Depending on the guide/tour, people can wait up to two hours in a line to enter. 
  • Exhausting Climb To Reach- Initially to reach the castle, you have to climb up a steep bank. Some travellers have complained about being exhausted reaching the castle. Often in peak season travellers are sweaty and demotivated to view the castle by the time they’ve arrived.

No wonder it’s measured as one of the tallest castles in Europe.

  • Guided Tour- You can visit or wander around Neuschwanstein castle freely. You can only enter via a guided tour.
  • Not able to take photos- Some guests have complained that their guide did not allow them to take pictures once inside the castle.
  • The castle is unfinished- As Ludwig didn’t manage to finish all the rooms, there are some empty. Guests often complain that the tour hasn’t been hearty enough due to the lack of rooms available to see.

Given these comments from previous castle tourists, we feel that you should not be discouraged by them. 

We think you should still visit Neuschwanstein Castle and decide for yourself if it’s worth it or not.

Best way to get to Neuschwanstein 

This castle is located in Bavaria, and you have several ways to reach it. They are the following:


Trip Overview on Google Maps

 If you’re not a fan of trains, there are also intercity buses from Munich known as the Flix bus which takes you to the castle. 


Google maps overview of the route from Fussen City
Google maps overview of the route from Fussen City to Neuschwanstein Castle

In the town of Fussen, you can get either local bus 73 or 78, which both stops at the ticket centre located in the village of Hohenschwangau. 

What else is there to see near Neuschwanstein Castle?

Alongside Queen Mary’s Bridge and The Gorge, there are a few other great attractions nearby, they are:

Schloss Hohenschwangau

Schloss Hohenschwangau
Schloss Hohenschwangau

This is another castle and was the childhood residence of King Ludwig. Ludwig’s father built Schloss Hohenschwangau. 

In this castle, there are many beautiful rooms, scenic passageways, and lovely views.


Alpsee scenery near Neuschwanstein Castle
Alpsee scenery near Neuschwanstein Castle

If you’re after scenic views, this is a great picnic spot overlooking a small lake. It’s a short hike away from the castle and easy to reach.

Museum of the Bavarian Kings

If you want to explore history even further, there is a museum nearby. Located in Hohenschwangau, this has historical artefacts and information about the late kings. 

What is the best accommodation near Neuschwanstein castle?

Want to break down your stay while at Neuschwanstein castle? Here are three accommodations nearby to stay in:

Schlossrestaurant Neuschwanstein

Only 10 minutes by bus from Fussen town, Schlossrestaurnt Neuschwanstein is in a central location with comfortable rooms. It is also 0.1 miles from the castle. Inside has a restaurant, free wifi, and vending machines. They speak German and English. 


If you prefer to do your own thing, you may want to stay in Hofweise apartments. It’s located 0.9 miles from the castle, and you get the whole apartment to stay inside. Likewise a 20-minute hike to Marienbrücke.

Romantic-Pension Albrecht 

Operating since 1902, Romantic-Pension Albrecht is a cosy bed and breakfast. It is right beneath the castle and has gorgeous views of it too. Similarly, it is only a 10-minute walk to Alpsee lake and a 25-minute walk to Schwansee Lake.

Well, is Neuschwanstein Castle worth a day of your life? We can’t answer that; we recommend going and checking out for yourself. If you have visited, comment below and share your experience.

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