How Many Years Did it Take to Build a Castle?

Today a Castle could be built in a matter of weeks with the new technology, but how long did it take our ancestors to build a stronghold? Building a castle in the Middle Ages took anywhere from two to ten years. The location, strategic importance, logistics, the budget allocated, and many other small aspects directly … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Palace and a Castle?

You frequently see the word castle and a palace attributed to the same building, but is there a difference between a palace and a castle? The short answer is that the castle is a fortified military building designed to resist an army’s attack providing shelter for its owners, unlike a palace that doesn’t have any … Read more

What is the Oldest Castle in England?

When we dive into the history of England there is always a castle and every story, but have you ever wondered what the oldest castle in England is? The oldest castle in England is Berkhamsted Castle built in 1066 by Robert of Mortain, the half-brother of William the Conqueror. An early Norman Motte-Bailey Castle built … Read more

Why Were Medieval Castles Built?

Why medieval castles were built?,

You might notice a lot of castles when travelling through Europe, and probably asked yourself why the Medieval castles were built? The Medieval Castles were built in the Middle Ages as a home of the kings and nobles, to show power and wealth. Also, castles were a strategic place of retreat and defence against unwanted … Read more

What is the Oldest Standing Castle in the World?

the oldest castle in the world

We all love to explore ruins and imagine ourselves transported back into the time of ancient castles we visit. Out of all the ancient castles out there, have you ever wondered what the oldest standing castle in the world is? The oldest standing castle in the world is Aleppo Citadel in Aleppo, northern Syria, built … Read more