How Tall Are Castle Walls? Solved!

The primary function of a castle wall is protection. Not only must castle walls be sturdy enough to repel projectiles, but they must also be tall enough to make scaling them a difficult objective. Any visitor to a castle will tell you how imposing the looming walls feel as you stand at their base. Therefore, … Read more

What Is The Most Expensive Castle in The World?

Castles have come a long way. They evolved from being structures of necessity to symbols of power and wealth; today, Castles depict history, art, and affluence. As a result, castles are highly priced, and many are worth millions of dollars. The most expensive castle in the world today is the Chateau Lois XIV of France. … Read more

Why Were Castles Built Along the Coast of Ghana?

Many people are surprised when they hear castles built in Ghana and asking themselves, why were these castles built along the coast of this country? The castles built along the coast of Ghana were the major trading centres of timber, gold, ivory and slaves between Western Africa and Europe and the US. Portuguese, Dutch and … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Castle?

How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Castle?

You probably Imagined yourself a castle owner each time you watched a historical movie, but have you wondered how much it would be to maintain a castle today? It could cost you between $10 000 – $100 000/month to run a castle nowadays anywhere in the world. Depending on the castle’s size and state, the … Read more