Who Built Balmoral Castle? (Solved!)

Balmoral Castle is well known as the holiday home of the British Royal family. The castle is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and was a great favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly died there on the 8th of September 2022, aged 96. But who built Balmoral Castle? Sir William Drummond built Balmoral Castle in 1390. … Read more

What is the strongest castle in the world?

The Strongest Castle in the world is the Edinburgh castle of Scotland

Who wouldn’t like to visit the most impenetrable castle in the world? The place where splendour and safety combine? Behind those strong walls, you can smell the history, security, and visible effects of multiple year-long sieges. The Strongest Castle in the world is the Edinburgh castle of Scotland. The Edinburgh Castle has a rich history … Read more

What Is The Biggest Castle In Scotland?

The biggest castle in Scotland

Scotland has more to it than Haggis, bagpipes and highlands; in fact, there are lots of castles. But the biggest one is the most intriguing of them all. The biggest castle in Scotland is Floors Castle situated in the South East of Scotland. It’s a grade-A listed building and stands opposite the banks of the … Read more

How Many Castles Are In Scotland?

How many castles are in Scotland

Scotland is known for Haggis, bagpipes, whisky and the Lochness monster. But did you know the Scots have an impressive number of castles? Scotland has over 300 historic properties to visit and stay in, 65 of which are castles. However, estimates of castle numbers varied between 2000-4000 throughout Scottish history. To know more about some … Read more

What is Edinburgh Castle Famous For?

What is Edinburgh Castle Famous For?

A striking medieval castle overlooking Edinburgh’s gorgeous city and is also liked and tagged by millions on social media. But what is Edinburgh Castle so famous for?  Facts that Edinburgh Castle is well-known for: Built on top of volcano rock called “Castle Rock.” One of the oldest fortified buildings in Europe  Have been Besieged 23 … Read more