Beefeaters Uniform – 9 Things To Look Out For

Beefeaters are one of the Tower of London’s most iconic images. They are the colorfully attired Yeoman Warders who have guarded the Tower since Tudor times. Although the role is largely ceremonial today, their distinctive uniforms remain instantly recognizable. Nine things to look out for with a Beefeater’s uniform are: Beefeaters enhance the experience of … Read more

How Tall Are Castle Walls? Solved!

The primary function of a castle wall is protection. Not only must castle walls be sturdy enough to repel projectiles, but they must also be tall enough to make scaling them a difficult objective. Any visitor to a castle will tell you how imposing the looming walls feel as you stand at their base. Therefore, … Read more

How Many Castles in Northumberland? +Top 8 To Visit

The wonderfully diverse landscapes of Northumberland provide a feeling of unspoiled natural beauty. However, this historic old English county’s location has placed it front and center of conflict down the centuries. The result is a paradise for castle lovers, but just how many castles does Northumberland have? There are over 70 castles dotted around Northumberland … Read more