What is the oldest castle in the United States?

The oldest castle in the United States is Bacon’s Castle of 1665

Although ancestors built the most famous ancient castles between the year 1000 to 1500, European-style castles are traceable to the 9th century. Therefore, the history of castles in the USA is more recent. However, you might be curious to know whats the oldest castle in America? The oldest castle in the United States is Bacon’s … Read more

What Is The Largest Castle In Ireland?

Trim Castle Ireland

How about a tour of the largest castle in Ireland? Many times, people think the greatest and best castles are in England. That is not correct; there are many unique and magnificent castles in Ireland that you can visit. The largest castle in Ireland is the Trim Castle. It measures 322 917 square feet (30 … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Portcullises?

Castles Portcullises

Remember the metallic gate with sharp pointed edges at Castle Black of Game of Thrones? They are called Portcullises, and it appears that they do not only have theatrical importance; most castles of medieval times had Portcullises. So the question is this: why do Castles have portcullises, and what is the history behind them?  Portcullises … Read more

Do Castles Have Roofs?

There are no ancient or famous structures more relevant and toured than castles; They are old yet revered in recent times. The patterns and materials used in building them also differ. So, you may have questions such as – Do Castles have roofs? What did castles contain? Were castles water-resistant? Etc. Yes, castles have roofs. … Read more

What Is The Most Expensive Castle in The World?

Castles have come a long way. They evolved from being structures of necessity to symbols of power and wealth; today, Castles depict history, art, and affluence. As a result, castles are highly priced, and many are worth millions of dollars. The most expensive castle in the world today is the Chateau Lois XIV of France. … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Moats?

Why castle have moats

The word ‘moat’ originated from its French version ‘motte’, meaning a mound or hillock. In contemporary times a moat is regarded as a deep, broad ditch that is dug around castles. There are so many intriguing facts surrounding castles, one of which is moats, raising questions: Why on earth did castles have moats? Castles have … Read more

Why Do Castles Have Turrets?

Castle Turrets

Castle turrets are conspicuous beauty features for castles such that they are almost impossible to miss! But whose idea was it to attach a tiny tower to the top of a building? Is it just aesthetics, or is there an exciting history behind turrets? In the medieval era, castle turrets served as security towers from … Read more

What Is The Biggest Castle In Scotland?

The biggest castle in Scotland

Scotland has more to it than Haggis, bagpipes and highlands; in fact, there are lots of castles. But the biggest one is the most intriguing of them all. The biggest castle in Scotland is Floors Castle situated in the South East of Scotland. It’s a grade-A listed building and stands opposite the banks of the … Read more

How Many Castles Are In Scotland?

How many castles are in Scotland

Scotland is known for Haggis, bagpipes, whisky and the Lochness monster. But did you know the Scots have an impressive number of castles? Scotland has over 300 historic properties to visit and stay in, 65 of which are castles. However, estimates of castle numbers varied between 2000-4000 throughout Scottish history. To know more about some … Read more