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Are There Any Castles In the United States?

When you think of castles, Medieval Europe probably springs to mind, but did you know there’s an extensive list of castles in the USA that are just as good?

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Across the USA, you can find over 145 castles, and there are at least 13 epic locations that beat European castle locations. The castles are slightly different in the USA; they’re less fairy tale or medieval-like instead grander. If you’re travelling the USA, it’s pretty common you will come into contact with places that have chateau and mansions that look like castles alongside palaces. 

Nevertheless, castles in the USA are still equally enchanting, and you should not leave the USA off your castle destination list. 

Castle in America where you can stay in

Walking around a castle is fun, but what’s even better is being able to stay in one! Yes, there are indeed many castles in America where you can eat, breathe and sleep history. The following castles you can stay in overnight are:

Oheka castle

Oheka Castle is located in Long Island, New York and is one of the most in-demand castle getaways. It is over 100 years old and has a 443-acre plot. When constructed, it was done so in a French Chateau style and remains like this today. 

It has 127 rooms, and throughout history, many royals, heads of state and Hollywood stars have stayed there. It’s on the national register of historic places. You can dine, get married, stay over and enjoy weekday packages at Oheka castle.

Kentucky Castle 

Kentucky Castle is a medieval built castle renowned for its pointy turrets, stone walls and 55-acre farm! In comparison to other castles, Kentucky castle is relatively new; it was built in 1969. However, the owners who made it divorced soon after, and they left it on its own for 30 years. So today, it stands like a castle with 14 boutique bedrooms, where you can stay over. You can also dine and use their spa.

Ravenwood Castle

You can find Ravenwood Castle in Ohio, USA. The outside of the castle looks like it has medieval welsh architecture, but don’t be deceived; this stunning castle was built in 1995! You can stay overnight in Ravenwood Castle in one of their themed room. 

Each room of theirs draws inspiration from British monarchs like Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria; it’s very regal. They also host weddings, gaming events and murder mystery nights. 

Keswick Hall

Keswick Hall was built in 1912 and used to be a country club. This castle is located in Virginia and is about a 20-minute drive from Charlottes Ville. Its original purpose was to be a 17 room Italian villa, but today it stands as a private residence. It was remodelled by the late husband of the world-famous designer Laura Ashley. Today you can stay over there, attend weddings and meetings.

Llandoll’s Mohican Castle 

Landoll’s Mohican Castle is located in central Ohio and is in the Mohican country. A war veteran Jeff Llandoll built this castle after becoming inspired on a tour of the castles he saw in Europe. It was built in 1997 and then turned into a hotel in late 1999. 

Today the castle has lots of suites, and even celebrities like Gordon Ramsay have stayed there. When visiting the castle, you can also take part in ghost hunts, cookouts, dine there, and host your wedding. 

Abandoned Castles in America 

If you want to give yourself the spooks, there are quite a few creepy castles that are now abandoned in America, which are:

Beta Castle 

Beta Castle is situated in silver spring Maryland and was built in 1904. The castle was built on the same sight as a national girls school and was originally a sorority house. Beta castle is renowned for its gothic style architecture and turrets. 

In 1942 the school suddenly closed, and the army took it over. The US army used it as a rehabilitation centre for soldiers, and it’s believed the wounded and soldiers who died haunt the castle today. The castle has never been restored since and is abandoned.

Castle Mount Rouge

This castle was built with the inspiration of many major Russian castles. The man who built it was an artist and never completed the castle due to depression after his wife’s death. It’s believed that this man’s wife comes and visits the castle as a spirit. Since his death, Castle Mount Rouge has been left pretty much the same. You can still find the first floor intact with books, bedding and rooms.

Hearthstone Castle

This castle was built in 1897 and is located in Connecticut. It’s named hearthstone as it has lots of fireplaces. The owner E.Star Stanford lived here with his family for five years till 1985, and ever since then, it’s been abandoned. Today it’s full of disrepair, and even the surrounding city, Danbury, had to build a tall fence to keep unwanted visitors out.

Castles for Sale in America 

If you’re thinking about having an alternative residence to live in, why not buy a castle? Here are a few that are on sale in America.

Great Falls Mt Castle 

Great Falls Mt Castle is situated in Alabama and is on sale for $230,000. It is on 29 acres of land and has two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a two-car garage. It has a range of farmland available too.

Boulder Ridge Castle

This castle is located in Montana and is on sale for $1.975m and has 700ft of Missouri river in front of it. The castle is built on bedrock and is earthquake resistant. 

Fort Montgomery New York State 

If you like castles made out of limestone, then Fort Montgomery may catch your eye. This castle is one sale for $995,000 and is situated on the border of Lake Champlain. It has over 8 acres of land and many amenities.

Final thoughts 

The USA is not a destination you should ignore when it comes to castles. There are many castles in the USA, some newer than their European relatives. However, they’re unique, and there are many you can stay over at.

If you are on the west coast you shouldn’t skip Hearst Castle which is more of the palatial estate in San Simeon, California, located on the Central Coast of California.

Thanks for taking your time to read and if you made it this far you might be interested in our blog section which is fully about castle facts.

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